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LIMIT EDITION Pax Bunny enamel pin

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Unleash the cuteness overload with our 30mm bunny pin buttons – a must-have for a cuteness overloaded otaku, fantasy, and gaming enthusiasts! Plated in dazzling gold, these pins are crafted from hard enamel brass, ensuring durability and a touch of elegance. With two pin posts and a sandblasted backside, they securely adorn your accessories with playful charm.

Each bunny pin comes on a backing card, protected in an OPP bag, making it a perfect gift for yourself or fellow anime aficionados. The butterfly clutch adds extra security, promising to stay snug wherever you choose to pin it. Elevate your style with these adorable accessories, a testament to our handmade artistry. Join us in celebrating the magical world of bunnies, anime, and the gaming universe – where cuteness meets craftsmanship in every vibrant detail! 🐰✨

- Size: 30 mm
- Plated: Gold
- Pin posts: 2
- Material: Hard enamel brass
- Backside:sandblasted
- Butterfly clutch The pin come on a backing card, protected in an OPP bag