How to fold an origami crane

The orizuru (paper crane) is considered to be the most classic of all Japanese origami. Cranes are believed that its wings carry souls up to paradise, and it is a representation of the Japanese red-crowned crane, referred to as the "Honourable Lord Crane" in Japanese culture.

These instructions  below will show you how to make the honourable origami crane. 

Things you'll need for this craft: 
- Square paper of any kind or origami paper of your choice 


Step 1 folding a paper crane
Step 1 | Fold the paper in half.
step 2 folding paper crane
Step 2 | Repeat the process and fold the paper in half
step 3 folding origami paper crane
Step 3 | Set your paper ready for the next step.
step 4 folding paper crane
Step 4 | Bring one side up and open the inside like an envelope.
step 5 folding paper crane
Step 5 | Bring the two ends of the "envelope" to each other.
step 6 folding origami paper crane
Step 6 | The paper should look like this now.
step 7 folding paper crane
Step 7 | Turn the paper from the right and repeat step 5. Bring that side up and open the "envelope" to fold.
step 8 paper crane
Step 8 | Fold the paper "envelope" ends to each other.
step 9 paper crane folding
Step 9 | With the corners (that you can open) still facing you, take the top right hand corner of the square and fold it into the center diagonal line of the square. Repeat this for the left top corner and fold them out. Now bring the corner up and pull it all the way.
step 10 folding origami crane
Step 10 | Pull the top corner all the way up and back so that the top piece lies flat. Carefully press all the folds down so that you end up with a diamond shape on top of the bottom diagonal square.
step 11 paper crane folding
Step 11 | Turn the paper from the right side and repeat step 9 and 10.
step 12 paper crane
Step 12 | You now have a diamond.
step 10 folding paper crane japanese origami
Step 13 | Fold the corners of the top layer towards the center.
step 11 origami paper crane
Step 14 | Now turn the paper and repeat the step.
step 12 paper crane origami
Step 15 | Fold the corners of the top layer towards the center.
step 16 japanese paper crane
Step 16 | Lift up the top right side and press it over to the other side, like turning a page in a book. Press down the middle fold.
step 17 paper crane origami
Step 17 | Turn the paper around and repeat step 16 in the same direction.
step 18 paper crane origami
Step 18 | Lift up the top layer corner and fold it until it meets the tip.
step 19 japanese classic paper crane folding
Step 19 | Turn the paper from the right side over and repeat step 18.
step 20 japanese paper crane
Step 20 | Fold the right side top layer to the left like a page in a book.
step 21 paper crane folding
Step 21 | Turn the paper and turn the "page" over like in step 20.
Step 22 origami crane folding
Step 22 | Bend the top of one (neck/tail) side down to make the head.
step 23 origami paper crane
Step 23 | To finish off the crane and make it able to stand, gently pull the wings out and downwards until the body/middle puffs up.
step 24 | origami paper crane
Step 24 | Now you have your paper crane.